We are pleased to be able to help facilitate a number of estate planning documents including wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We want you to feel comfortable and informed throughout the entire process, so if there are any questions along the way, please ask! For a summary of our document process, please watch THIS VIDEO or keep reading!

Your FMF Representative will first meet with you to gather the necessary information and answer any questions. This can be accomplished in person or via ZOOM, email, and telephone. Once all of the information is gathered, it will be submitted for preparation by an attorney. The attorney will mail finished documents directly to you, and correspond with you and/or your FMF Representative if there are any questions.

Once you have received your documents, please review them, and then following the signing instructions sent by the attorney with your documents. Once you have signed, please report the following information back to us:

1) date your documents were signed;
2) names of the witnesses; and
3) where your documents will be stored.

If you do not have a safe fireproof place to store your documents, you may send them to FMF for storage in our fireproof file cabinets. We are happy to offer this service free of charge.

We strive to serve all clients in a timely manner. It is our goal to have the documents to you 4-6 weeks from the time the document request is received (see #8 below).


  1. Client meets with a representative from FMF Financial Services to discuss various estate planning options and request estate planning documents. 

2. FMF representative gathers necessary information from client for requested documents. Depending on the type of documents requested, this may include family information, financial information, names/addresses/telephone numbers of those you desire to be part of your estate plan, estate distribution information, warranty deeds, etc. Your FMF representative will let you know exactly what is needed for your request.

3. Necessary authorization/waivers are signed and a check payable to the attorney for the attorney’s fees is collected. Please note: Your check will not be cashed until documents are mailed to you.

4. Client sends FMF representative any information/paperwork that was outstanding after the initial consultation.

5. FMF representative finalizes the “Estate Planning Confidential Information Form” and sends to client for review.

6. Client reviews information form and notifies FMF representative of any necessary changes/corrections.

7. FMF representative sends client information, waivers, check, and any other documentation to FMF Financial Services for processing. FMF Financial Services establishes a file and enters the request into the queue.

8. Requested documents are drafted by a legal assistant in consultation with the assigned attorney. If any information is missing, the legal assistant will communicate with the FMF representative, who will then contact the client.

9. Document drafts are reviewed and approved by the assigned attorney.

10. Documents are mailed to client.

11. Client receives and reviews final documents (call with any questions, corrections or changes). If requested by the attorney, client calls attorney for a consultation PRIOR to signing the documents. If changes or corrections are necessary, replacement pages will be sent.

12. Documents are signed by client (in the presence of witnesses and/or a notary as needed). Complete signing instructions are included when the documents are sent. 

13. Client notifies FMF Financial Services of signing date, names of witnesses (if applicable) and where the documents will be stored. This may be done by a phone call (800-325-8975), an email ( or the Document Response Card that was mailed with your documents. If a Revocable Living Trust package was prepared, when FMF Financial Services is notified, you will receive a wallet sized card with your trust information.

14. Signed documents are stored in a safe, fireproof place. If you do not have such a place, the fireproof cabinets at FMF Financial Services are available to you free of charge.

15. If a Revocable Living Trust package was prepared, client begins funding the trust (see “Transferring Assets” instructions included with trust documents). Deeds are recorded with the proper county official. 


We believe that with effective counsel and financial management, each person can multiply the impact of the resources entrusted to their care. 


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