The purpose of the Estate and Gift Planning ministry of FMF Financial Services is to assist you in using your resources to advance God’s Kingdom. Our greatest desire is to support you in caring for your loved ones and the ministries you love, both during your lifetime, and beyond. We firmly believe estate and gift planning can benefit everyone, whether you consider yourself poor or rich or somewhere in between. You may not think you have much, but by following God’s lead with a willing heart, your gift may be just what a loved one or a ministry needs. In short, it is all about leaving a legacy of Stewardship Well Done.


Estate Planning is the process of taking inventory of your assets and identifying the best way to convey each of those assets upon death in order to maximize your legacy and minimize taxes. It also involves planning for incapacity and designating who will care for your financial and health care needs during that time. You have likely heard of some of the most common estate planning tools: wills, revocable living trusts, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and living wills.



All of your estate planning efforts ultimately culminate at the end of your earthly life. We remain available as a resource to you to guide you through this difficult time.

For years, our number one question has been: Where can I find more information about creating a good estate plan? We have gathered together a number of resources to answer that question. Click on the link below or explore our brochure and video libraries for more information.


Gift Planning also known as Planned Giving is the process of identifying those ministries that resonate with your heart and planning gifts during your lifetime and beyond to enable those ministries to serve long into the future. Identifying WHAT TO GIVE and HOW TO GIVE to maximize impact and reduce taxes are key components of gift planning.



The tools involved in gift planning are as unique and creative as the people we serve and range from very simple to more complex. You may have heard of such tools as: bequests, endowments, charitable IRA rollover gifts, donor advised funds, or charitable remainder unitrusts. Gifts can be made from cash or appreciated assets (securities, real estate, etc.). Your gift can even provide you with an income stream. 

Click on the link below or explore our brochure and video libraries for more information.


So what are the advantages of working with FMF Financial Services for your estate and gift planning needs?

1 – Understanding your heart – There are plenty of people and organizations to choose from when it comes to estate and gift planning. But not all of them will understand your Christian values as you plan to take care of the people and the ministries you love. We always approach these topics from a Christian stewardship perspective. And if you desire to include any Free Methodist (or other) ministries in your plan, that is our specialty! Did you know that when people meet with local attorneys, they include charitable designations in their documents only 5% of the time? But when our representatives meet with clients, over 50% includes ministries in their documents, with the local church being the number one charitable beneficiary!

2 – Deciding which asset to give – Cash always makes a great gift, but do you own another asset that might provide greater tax advantages? We can help you determine which asset (cash, stock, real property, etc.) would make a great gift for you and for ministry.

3 – Determining the best giving method – Are you trying to decide whether to give a gift now during your lifetime or wait until your death? Are you aware that some giving methods can provide you with a life income in return for your gift? We can help you look at all of the possibilities and decide which one is right for you in your unique circumstances. 

4 – Dividing your gift among multiple ministries – You can write one check, or give one appreciated asset, and let us handle the distribution to multiple ministries (i.e. your local church, world missions, colleges/universities and human/social service ministries).


5 – Giving anonymously – There are many reasons to give anonymously. If you desire, we can protect your identity and deliver your gift to the intended recipient. As an extra bonus, you won’t need to worry about extra clutter in your mailbox from additional appeals.


Ready to begin the conversation? Click below to find your regional representative and their contact information. We welcome all your questions and look forward to hearing your story. All conversations are confidential and without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


We believe that with effective counsel and financial management, each person can multiply the impact of the resources entrusted to their care. 


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